Bonobos Halifax Navy Peacoat

Since I’ve been looking at Peacoats I usually look through the outerwear section of every online shop I look at. While I liked the construction and weight of the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat the smaller lapels just really don’t do it for me. Plus, it’s about the same price as getting a Buzz Rickson or Real McCoy’s. Those two are my long-term plan, I think, but that would be next year. 

Unless, of course, this Bonobos one grows on me. 

Things I like about this one:

  • It’s about half the price of the Rickson or McCoy
  • It’s got bigger lapels than the Billy Reid
  • I like the flap pockets below the handwarmers. I’m not a stickler for historical accuracy and they look useful.
  • Bonobos is great with customer service if anything goes wrong

Things I don’t like:

  • 20% nylon
  • The lining… I don’t want a colorful lining
  • Maybe I’m weird but I want the lapels and collar to be even bigger. Bigger even than the Rickson or McCoy. I want to flip it up and have it cover half my head / face
  • Where is it made? By whom? 

I guess my thinking would be this one is comparable to the Sterlingwear or Schott, but a bit more expensive. I’ve read that you can call Sterlingwear and order a Navy spec peacoat (not available on the website), but that the Navy spec isn’t what it once was (before 1980). 

Still thinking about this one for a while