Aug 4


Trying out the new Zanone long sleeve polo today, and I must say I’m impressed. The Zanone Ice Cotton material is the finest weave I’ve ever handled. It’s a very light, breathable material, almost gauze-like. I had to go to a light gray undershirt because you can see through the material and the white undershirt was too obvious. My one wish is that the collar had more structure to stand up on its own, but that would be taking it more into the realm of a popover, I suppose. I tested and it even does well with a jacket. 

  • Zanone Ice Cotton long-sleeve polo from
  • Brooks Brothers cotton / linen trousers, thrifted by me
  • Martin Dingman shell cordovan belt from eBay
  • Rancourt & Company brown CXL beefroll penny loafers with Reltex Lactae Hevea soles